Interested in submitting your artwork to be featured on a Creation Stands design?

We love highlighting fan artists (and paying them!) and are always on the lookout for new and innovative designers. Please read the rules and requirements for submission below and fill out our form for consideration.

By submitting your artwork here, you agree that Creation Stands may review your work for possible inclusion in our online shop and that Creation Stands may submit your artwork to the licensor for approval to sell in the Creation Stands online shop.  By submitting your work here, you confirm that the design was created by you and that you own all rights to the design.If selected and approved, Creation Stands will send you a contract to purchase your work, which you can then either accept or decline.  All you are agreeing to now is to having Creation Stands review your work to see if they will approve it for the Creation Stands online shop. Any designs purchased by Creation Stands will be wholly owned by Creation Stands and cannot be sold anywhere else.A jpg, png, or pdf file of your design is required for submission.  The file must be print-ready for one letter sized page and should not include the artist name, watermark, or signature within the design.  The file should be named with the:  Artist First and Last Name – Show - Design Name (For example:  John Doe – Supernatural - Castiel People Skills). Designs cannot include any branded or trademarked items, imagery, or text, other than text and imagery from the shows Supernatural, Star Trek, and The Vampire Diaries.  Any design can include a maximum of two quotes from a show.  Designs cannot prominently feature weaponry (guns, knives, etc.). For Supernatural designs, if the word “Supernatural” is included in the design, “Join the Hunt” must also be included.  If Sam and Dean’s car is included in the design, the make and model of the car cannot be identifiable.  Any identifying features must be removed or obscured.  The car’s license plate also cannot be included.

 In the Design Notes field below, if your design includes any quotes, symbols, or logos, please list the following: for quotes, list the season, episode, and character for each quote; for symbols or logos, list the source.