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Thank You for Sponsoring the Training of the First 10 Certified Competent Crisis Responders of the SPNFamily Network

14 August 2016

In the last several months, the Random Acts and IMAlive Teams have been working together to recruit, screen and then train the new generation of Crisis Responders to support the fans and families of Supernatural and others in crisis around the globe. 

Thanks to the new Front End Screening System Application (FESS), sponsored by Random Acts, we were able to identify volunteer applicants best suited for this task and increased our retention and success rate by more than 300% while reducing our time and costs spent to achieve success per volunteer! This a game changer for the entire helper community (represents over 5,000 non-profit crisis centers and hotlines around the world).

The project is a success thanks to Random Acts and it's leadership: Misha Collins, Cinde Monsam, Jennifer Willis-Rivera, Aimee Cummings, and the rest of the RA team that have worked with us to advance the mission. In addition because of Creation Stands amazing effort in partnership with Random Acts to raise the funds needed for this program this would not have been possible.

We thank you for sponsoring the training of the first 10 SPN Family Network Crisis Responders and look forward to achieving the goal of 1,500 Crisis Responders providing support worldwide to all in crisis. We should be able to achieve this in the next 90-120 days.

We are very proud to be partnered with Random Acts and Creation Stands, and once this goal is achieved, Random Acts will stand as the organization that indeed did change the world and not through a random act ;-)

You Guys Rock!

Best Always,

Reese and the IMAlive Team 

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