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Creation Stands with William Shatner & the Hollywood Charity Horseshow

06 October 2015
We caught up with William Shatner to learn more about the Hollywood Charity Horseshow: 

Why did you decide to start the Hollywood Charity Horseshow? 

So many years ago I saw a thalidomide baby, no arms, one leg, and between the toes of that one leg, she was clutching the reins of a horse that she was astride. With handlers all around her, the unquenchable spirit of the child moved me to tears and it was then I began the HCHS.

What are some of the charity recipients?  

AHEAD with Horses, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Dream Catchers of Los Angeles, Hollenbeck Police Activities League, Painted Turtle Gang Camp Foundation, and Saddles for Soldiers. Visit to see all of the charity recipients.

What goes on at the show?

One of the most exciting equine sports, which is call reining, takes place over five days of the show. On Saturday night, there is a marvelous party with music, food, and drink. Invariably, we have a named performer sitting as close as I am to you singing for his supper. All in all, it's a gorgeous time and every penny that we raise, you hear what I'm saying, every penny goes to the many children's and veteran's charities that we benefit.

When is the next show and how can one attend or donate?

June 4, 2016 is the Saturday night of the show party. There is a live auction, but just as important or perhaps more importantly, there is an online silent auction with many items that nobody else has been able to get. You can visit to learn more, purchase tickets or to make a contribution.

Is there a story behind your Creation Stands T-Shirt?

I took a photograph and the concept occurred to me right away. 

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