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Kim Rhodes: Wayward Daughters Campaign

31 May 2016

"Wayward: To be off the established path; lost"

Some of us didn't have a choice. Maybe we couldn't keep up or didn't find the road markers. Others left on purpose, deciding the mindless status quo wasn't a destination we desired or noticed something shiny in a different direction we just has to see up close. Whatever it was, somehow a lot of us ended up trudging in uncharted territory. We thought we were alone.

"Wayward Daughters" started as an idea for a "Supernatural" spin-off, focusing on the perspective of female characters. It grew into something much larger. It showed us that when we linked hands and formed a community, we were no longer lost no matter where we were. It celebrated individual voices with a chorus we could all sing together. The term "wayward" took on a meaning of support and defiance. We proclaimed loudly that we were exactly where we were meant to be, we would survive with the help of each other, and we COULD, in fact, change the world.

It is in that spirit that Wayward Daughters announces its next campaign. We will be earmarking our proceeds to go to Random Acts' Dreams 2 Acts. Our intent is a facility for the Free High School of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Many adolescents and adults in rural areas are excluded form an opportunity to obtain a secondary education. This impacts women with particular severity, since one of the reasons they may lose their place in a traditional school is pregnancy. Adult women who are mothers also are often turned away from learning institutions. The Free School is a place where women who have children by choice, fate, or violence, may come and still have the opportunity to move forward with their lives. They deserve this chance and need a campus.

We have personally found life-changing strength in the power of the Wayward Daughters. We are a movement and this is a direction that feels right for us. We hope it does for you as well. We have found each other, now it is time to reach out to those who may still be lost. 

We never intend to direct nor assume authority. Instead, we want to grow and expand until the world redefines what the "established path" is. We make our own. All of us. We ARE Wayward. As fuck. 

Please join us in whatever way feels good to you.


Kim & Briana

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